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Talent strategy
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Salary and welfare 

The company provides competitive compensation employees in the same industry , and provides reliable guarantee for employees personal development and value realization.Relying on the continuously improved performance management and value evaluation mechanism , maintain the salary and welfare level with national competitive level , attract and retain employees , and serve the company"s strategic goals and personal valuse.

Training System
The company formulates the corresponding training plan according to the employee"s experience and personal development plan , mainly including : corporate culture system training , professional training form students to enterprise personnel , production practice , etc.For employees with outstanding performance , the company provides them training and learning opportunities to professional cooperation training institutions every year , and provides good personal development platform and promotion space for employees in the most limited way.
Career development planning
The success or failure of enterprise development is related to each employee"s career development.Put the right people in right position is the company for each employee to provide the best development platform , every employee orientation will have direct supervisor and detailed guidance and advice form human resources professionals , on the basis of individual existing common make career development plans and put them into practice , the stage assessment target yield rate , prefect the development plan , and let every employee and enterprise common development , and the company synchronous moves towards magnificently.
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